Now you can ship your shopping goods from Bandung to Malaysia / Singapore

Shopping online has never been easier!

Strolling around bandung and do shopping for many cheap products !

Vacation in the city of Bandung is the right choice to spend the weekend. Bandung has many choices of food and also various souvenirs. Like t-shirts, moslem dress, veil, hoods, bags, leather jackets, jeans jackets. No wonder Bandung is also known as a city of fashion.

Not infrequently the tourists bought up a lot of shopping goods while in Bandung. Even now you don’t have to be present in Bandung to bought the goods you want, consumers can buy the goods they want and just wait for the package coming to their front door.

But what if consumers come from abroad such as Malaysia or Singapore?

Take it easy, now we are living in a world without borders, we can shop anywhere and sent anywhere.

Expedito is a solution that can help you to send your goods from Indonesia.

How to do it ?
1. Buy Online from Bandung online seller,
and do online booking at our Expedito.co.id website to arrange pickup (as long as in Bandung City).
You just need to create an account in Expedito.co.id
and then start book for your shipment.

2. Buy Offline
(means you already here in Bandung) and ask us to pickup from your hotel.
Its still the same way, do the online booking at our website www.expedito.co.id and input the data where we shall pickup your goods.

How about payment for shipping cost ?
You could use Bank Transfer to transfer to us.

So, you could say “good bye” for over baggage, when you do shopping in Bandung. When you about to return to your country, just pack it and let us know.

Or you could just do online shopping and dropship it to our office in Bandung

Expedito Bandung, Jl. Mekar Agung No.153, Mekarwangi, Kec. Bojongloa Kidul, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40237 Ph : (022) 42823629 https://g.co/kgs/gJYBSj

But make sure you have booked your shipping via www.expedito.co.id
If you buy online from Bandung Online Store, any offline store, just let us know, we could arrange pickup and ship it to your country.
Whatsapp our Bandung Team : Hendry : +62816341368
or Felicia +62816907818

Happy shopping!

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